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2019 Baojun 510 review


Sports utility vehicles were once a fine resource for off-road driving. But over time, they gained their fame for driving on the road. From time to time they shrank in size and weight. And today, SUVs are a sign of passion and style. Every other guy who owns an SUV might not be very keen on going off-road with it. But he would certainly admire showing it off to his friends and garnering some so-called respect.

Well, General Motors did a lot to tame SUVs for everyday commuting. And all their efforts seemed to be fruitful. They started in North America, moved to Europe and eventually acquired some Asian and Australian brands. And SAIC Motors is one of the newest partners from Asia.

Previously, SAIC Motors launched the Baojun 510 in 2016. It’s a small crossover SUV that serves as the company’s entry-level variant. There are two other models. Well, the Baojun 510 was unveiled at the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show. And the very next year it was launched on the Chinese market.

Later, the Baojun 510 found its place in the Russian, Far East Asian, and some other markets, including South Asia. In addition, the Baojun 510 is a fine SUV with a reasonable interior, but its exterior is similar to the Range Rover Velar and Evoque. Before that, the price would surely amaze you for a while. It’s incredibly available for just $8,180. And the finest edition or upper trim model could be purchased for $11,460. In a way, it’s one of the cheapest SUVs in the world.

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engine transmission hp torque
1.5L 6 – speed manual 5 – automatic 114 hp 106 pounds – feet
0 – 62 MPH top speed body style MPG
14.3 sec 103km/h SUV 22 city / 27 highway


The powertrain consists of a 4-cylinder engine borrowed from Daewoo. It is the S-TEC engine with the designation L2B and a total displacement of 1.5 l. Also, the engine is capable of producing 114 horsepower with 106 lb-ft of torque.

In addition, the Baojun 510 comes standard with the 6-speed manual transmission. A 5-speed automatic is available as an option. And with the automatic transmission, the power goes down to 112 hp. Certainly it is a weak transmission system.

Well, you can expect good fuel economy from this SUV. In a way, it doesn’t behave like an ordinary SUV, but helps you reduce your driving costs. And all of this could be achieved through low maintenance costs and lower fuel costs. While the Baojun 510 is capable of it.

But don’t expect too much performance or touring capability from this car. It’s just another city car in the form of an SUV. And in its hood sits a suave and decent engine that’s never tried to get rough.

Also, the Baojun 510 is only available with front-wheel drive. That means there is no off-road capability on this SUV. Additionally, it gets the McPherson struts in the front suspension and the torsion beam in the rear. Certainly it offers a good combination for city driving.

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Its shape gives a full indication that SAIC Motors was impressed by the Range Rovers. The front fairing is slightly different from Velar. While differences include the hexagonal grille, oddly configured fenders and badging. Also, the sides and rear design are similar to the Evoque. Certainly SAIC had to use two different concepts to build the Baojun 510. Previous cosmetics include alloy wheels, LED headlights, side mirrors with turn signals, and a shark fin antenna.

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The interior is not that neat and not bad at all. The interior also bears some resemblance to its European counterparts, particularly Peugeot. Well, the Baojun 510 is spacious inside and can accommodate 5 people. While offering very little space for cargo. In addition, the interior includes heated and ventilated leather seats, armrests and the leather steering wheel. In addition, the upper trim models also include a sunroof and the rear viewing window.

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The Baojun 510 comes with an incredible touchscreen infotainment system that is only available in Chinese. Well if it had supported English at all it would have been a great system. In addition, the system has navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports. In addition, the Baojun 510 features central locking and a keyless entry system. In addition, it also includes keyless ignition.

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Safety is the most impressive pillar you can find in this car. As everything available is standard on every model. Well, safety features include front and side airbags, ISOFIX and child safety locks. Before that comes the Baojun 510 with parking assistant, tire pressure monitoring system, brake assistant, cruise control and hill start assist. Active safety features include anti-lock braking, electric brake force distribution, traction and stability control. But this SUV only achieved 4 stars in the safety test.

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The price is definitely a good reason to buy the Baojun 510. But if price isn’t an issue for you, then the Honda BR-V is a good option. It is a certain competitor for the Baojun 510 because of its performance. But inside it is cozy and full of enjoyment. While the Baojun 510 isn’t a bad car at all, it’s not even something that could make a lasting impression.

And that’s for sure, to buy a comfortable car you would have to spend some money. Otherwise, the Baojun 510 is not a bad option at all.


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