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2019 Datsun on-Do Review


2019 Datsun on-Thu

Building something from scratch is a tough job. However, it is even more difficult to revise, improve or redesign an already existing product. Well, the Datsun came across such a job and brought a car for the Russian market. Most of all, it came from Moscow with love, but now it’s international.

Well this is the on-do that has many other nomenclatures in the international world. The Russian variant is known as a copy of the Lada Granta. But when it comes to the international market, it’s no longer the revised version of the Granta.

In early 2014, Datsun introduced the on-Do for the Russian market. The whole car was restyled and it didn’t look very much like its parent. But on the deer note of the drive mechanism everything became clear. Datsun managed to give this car a different look. But they used the Granta’s powertrain to shoot him. And in all honesty, the AvtoVAZ takes care of the production of the on-do.

After getting a good grade in the Russian market, Datsun gained enough confidence to bring it to the South Asian and Far East Asian markets. But there it became the Go and the Go+. Based on the design of Go, Datsun managed to bring another variant to the Russian market. Its continued success certainly kept it alive for more than half a decade.

In addition, the on-Do is available in 6 equipment variants. The on-Do Access takes the opening position and is available for $7,350. While the Dream-II is the best trim level in the series, it only costs $10,050. Isn’t that cheap?

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engine transmission hp torque
1.6L 5-speed manual transmission

4-speed automatic

86 – 105 hp 87 – 106 lbs – feet
0 – 62 MPH top speed body style MPG
11.6s 113km/h limousine 32 city/ 37 highway


Hood from 2019 Datsun on-Thu

The On-Do borrows its powertrains from the Granta. Well, the generally available powertrain comes with the 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, which is divided into two variants.

The base variant gets 8-valves, 86 horses and 87 lb-ft of torque. Well, this is a nice looking option for family drivers. Especially those who aren’t looking for too much performance or don’t have fast performance in mind.

If you need something that might show aggression, then on-Do has another option. Well, it has the same engine but with 16 valves producing 105 horsepower with 106 lb-ft of torque. This variant even offers reliable fuel consumption. And it can evenly accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a good 11.6 seconds. Also, it can reach a top speed of 113 miles per hour.

Ahead of the performance specs, the On-Do even gets some nice handling abilities. These are specially made for city driving. Sharp turns, quick stops and rushed roads would be less disruptive to the on-do. And even if you took it out on the freeway, it would still offer some agile handling characteristics.

Nevertheless, the on-do is aimed at family drivers. And the way it works, it’s a good option if you keep your fuel budget and maintenance costs in mind. You can get 35mpg as combined fuel economy with the on-Do. While the best reported to date has topped 36mpg.

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2019 Datsun on-Do exterior

The exterior styling is just fine. There is nothing so cool in the design that would draw viewers in. Instead, it’s just an ordinary sedan that we usually refer to as taxis. Even the taxis are pretty stylish these days. Well, the cosmetics include a big hexagon grille, halogen headlights, alloy wheels and the fog lights. While the base trim comes with the 14-inch steel wheels instead of the alloys.

Cosmetics aside, the on-Do doesn’t even carry many aerodynamic attributes. The ground clearance is also quite low. Well, it’s one of those cars that wouldn’t particularly bother you in terms of budget.

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2019 Datsun on-Thu interior

The on-Do offers a fairly old concept of interior design. There is nothing attractive about this car. Although the seats are comfortable and there is enough clearance. But it’s just another outdated hatch we see on the streets every day. Well the on-do sleeps 5 including the driver. And the trunk offers 18.7 cubic meters of space for cargo.

Optional interior enhancements include heated seats, an anti-fog windshield and a weather control system.

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Features of 2019 Datsun on-Thu

A 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system is available as an option for this vehicle. While a static CD player is standard on all models next to the top panel. Well, that touchscreen multimedia screen offers multimedia options, radio and an optional navigation pack. The navigation package is available with the 3D display and the City Guide Central.

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2019 Datsun On-Do Security

The on-Do is equipped with the essential safety functions. It will receive a large number of main and auxiliary airbags, stretch seat belts and ISOFIX. In addition, it has the anti-lock braking system and the electronic stability control system.

In addition, active safety and driving dynamics features can be installed on request. Like parking cameras and some other handy features.

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Lada Granta

The Lada Granta acts as a parent version for the On-Do while also serving as a competitor to that car. Well, both cars are pretty similar, but the Granta offers a few powertrain options. While the on-do sticks to just one.

Well, the Datsun on-Do is a budget-friendly solution for families looking for a sedan. It offers an excellent category for driving exposure and adequate clearance. In fact, it has a decent place in the market.


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