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2019 Renault Zoe review


2019 Renault Zoë

How could Renault sit back and enjoy the show? If it has such an impressive R&D team, why not explore an electric car? Well, that thought echoed very loudly and Renault spotted an all-electric city car.

That led to the design of the Zoe City Car. The very first concept was exhibited during the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. And the concept car resembled a funky three-seater convertible hatchback. Though viewers didn’t laugh at it. But not even much appreciation was received.

The next concept was shown in Frankfurt in 2009. Well this one was a slightly better option, designed similar to Clio. But it included some cosmetic therapy features borrowed from L’Oreal that were meant to moisturize occupants’ skin. And it even sprayed germicidal oil. Well, that sounds a lot like a free dermatological treatment packaged with the pest control service. What does a car need that for?

Finally, in 2010, Renault showed one of the sensible concepts in Paris. That sounded a lot like a city car with a decent design, acceptable interior and EV-like behavior. And after that, Zoe hit the market commercially in the spring of 2012.

Well, Renault had to keep it updated to keep up with the competition. And one of the notable updates was introduced back in 2016 with increased range and larger battery capacity. In addition, a sports version with two electric motors and a rated output of over 400 hp will soon be on the market.

Before that, the base price for an entry-level Zoe is around $27,800. And an exclusive S Edition starts at $28,900. Now that’s a bit pricey!

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engine transmission hp torque
65-80kW single drive 87 – 108 hp 162 – 166 lbs – feet
0 – 62 MPH top speed body style MPG
13.5s 84km/h hatchback 120 city / 186 highway


Batteries of 2019 Renault Zoe

It is not too difficult to develop an electric car. But doing it efficiently is the most important task. Especially when the competition wants to increase the range, the development should be coherent enough to deal with it.

Renault had very tough competition and it still prevails. Like its European counterparts, Volkswagen, Nissan and a few other giants have been busy increasing the range and reducing the charging time of their cars. With this in mind, Renault first launched the Zoe ZE20 with a 65kW synchronous motor powered by a 22kWh lithium-ion battery. The overall system contained 87 hp of power with 162 lb-ft of torque. Besides, it could drive up to 130 miles on a full charge.

Well, that was a notable development that fueled the competition. And not only the European giants, but also the American and Japanese competitors worked out their ranges to the maximum.

The competition didn’t let up. And even Zoe wasn’t the chick that would attract many clients. While Renault knew all this and stuck with its development to increase range.

After a few years, Renault launched the Zoe ZE40 with a larger battery and a more powerful motor. Well, the larger battery has a capacity of 41 kWh. And the engine can generate up to 80 kW of power. While total output reached 108 horsepower with 166 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the range increased to 186 miles. In addition, the ZE40 also has a quick spoiling function that can fill 80% of the dough in one hour and five minutes. While the older ZE20 takes 40 minutes longer to reach that percentage.

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2019 Renault Zoe exterior

Ideally, the Clio worked for the Zoe. Most of the design, the front and rear, was taken from Clio. Even the pages are copied. While the designers made some changes to the design to make it look different. Well, the cosmetics include a pair of projector lamps, LED DRLs, alloy wheels, side markers in the mirrors, and a cheeky rear design. Overall, Zoe looks stylish and attractive. Plus, it gets some nice options for exterior decoration. Like the color palette and some alloy wheel designs.

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Interior of the Renault Zoe 2019

The interior is quite neat and decent. It’s neither too tech-savvy nor too dated. In a way, it’s a moderately equipped interior. Before that, the leather seats are the only rich option. In addition, the seating in the first row is fine. But the back row is a bit crowded. There is enough space for the load.

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Characteristics of the Renault Zoe 2019

The Zoe is equipped with Renault’s R-Link infotainment system. This system has Android Auto, navigation, multimedia configuration and telephony. In addition, you can use the ZE smartphone app to stay connected to your car and charge and view the charging status. To save some battery, you can switch to Eco mode, which would effectively turn off the climate control to maximize range. In addition, the Zoe has the option for a pre-conditioner. L’Oreal did not contribute that. But in a way it’s a comfort feature that adjusts the atmosphere of the car before you sit inside.

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2019 Renault Zoe Safety

The responsive security features could guarantee your maximum protection. The Zoe gets the passive safety material it needs, including seat belts and airbags. In addition, there is the electronic stability control and the hill start assistant. Well, it’s an electric car, and it’s certain that electric vehicles are silent. And the streets with less movement could be dangerous as pedestrians can’t hear the car coming behind. To counteract this, Renault installed an automatic horn function that beeps after detecting the pedestrians’ presence. That’s smart!

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Nissan LeafPlus

The Nissan Leaf Plus will go up to 226 miles on a 215 horsepower system. This is indeed robust and impressive. Well, the basic Leaf and the Leaf Plus definitely make life difficult for Zoe. And they are even among the best electric cars.

Good but not the best! But Renault can obviously do better. Styling and interior get the highest score. While there is plenty of room for improvement in drive quality.


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