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2019 reputation SCR review


2019 reputation SCR

If you ever see a 1989 Porsche 911 on the streets, never let it fool you that it’s a Porsche. Since it could be a call SCR. Ruf has been creating the SCR since 1978, which looks like the Porsche 911 but has different characteristics. Well, the actual model ran for three years and then was withdrawn from production.

After succeeding with numerous other models, Ruf finally achieved the SCR badge again. In between came the BTR, then the CTR, then the BTR2 and finally the BTR III. A CTR model was even launched to replace the actual SCR. But in 2018, the company returned to what it founded in 1978.

During the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the Ruf SCR was reintroduced. During the event, many viewers thought it was a retro model launched by Porsche. But as soon as they got closer, they realized that it wasn’t a Porsche, it was a Ruf.

Well, if the SCR reputation sounds appealing to you then make a quick decision and grab one of these. Since the company would only produce 15 cars each year. While it’s not certain how many cars they would build in total. As for the price, the SCR with the standard features would cost you $807,000. And if you add the optional ones, the price could go up to $830,000.

Now let’s go ahead and explore this car.

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engine transmission hp torque
4.0L 6-speed manual transmission 503 hp 347 pounds – feet
0 – 62 MPH top speed body style MPG
5.7 sec 165km/h coupe 18 city / 22 highway
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Hood of 2019 Ruf SCR

The RUF SCR is equipped with a 4.0 liter 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a flat design. From the start, SCR was supplied with a natural engine with no booster installed. Also, this machine could produce 503 horsepower with 347 lb-ft of torque. And RUF says SCR could reach 199 mph as a top speed. But in our testing, it could only hit 165 mph. In addition, it could start from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds.

Well, there was a lot of discussion about the engine, the reputation copied the design from Porsche. One of Ruf’s engineers remarked that this is a different engine, but differs only slightly from the concept of its counterpart. Before that, the SCR features Sachs dampers with a remote reservoir pushrod suspension. And it comes with the 6-speed manual transmission. The manual gearbox is certainly a fine transmission for almost any car. But the precision-based dual-clutch automatic transmission really made the job easier than the manual stick. Well, the Ruf SCR could only get its hands on the manual gearbox.

The carbon ceramic brakes give this car some much needed stopping power. The 6-piston front and 4-piston rear brakes can stop this car from 70-0 mph in under 70 feet.

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2019 Ruf SCR exterior

The 1989 model of the Porsche 911 inspired Ruf for the 2019 SCR. Almost every aspect of the exterior design has been retained. The front facade, the sides and even the rear are similar to the Porsche. The few differences added to SCR include a different wheel design, a slight modification to the front bumper and LEDs. LED lights didn’t exist in 1989. Instead, motorists were proud of the large halogen lamps. Well, Ruf has certainly retained the retro aspects of the current Porsche 911 with its SCR.

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Interior of the Ruf SCR 2019

The interior design combines various high quality and high quality ingredients. But the appointment feels overblown. This old-school guy has pretty much in common with the previous generations of the Porsche 911. True, it lacks the modern technology that is installed even in the retro-spec cars. Though luxurious, but the cluttered faux leather trimming kills the fun. Before that, it’s fun for two, but doesn’t offer too many comfy spots. Well, thanks to Ruf for adding the cargo space to this car.

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Features of the Ruf SCR 2019

If you’re thinking about adding some features to this car, it would certainly be a great option. Ruf played well there, but didn’t create a tech lounge for the SCR. The only things you would get is air conditioning, certainly manual, and a stereo player. You also get a pair of speakers and a radio player. While that’s all that comes with the reputation SCR.

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2019 reputation SCR security

When it comes to safety, keep your eyes open and watch your driving. How to drive safely with the SCR. Thanks to Ruf for adding the seat belts to this car. Otherwise the driver would have jumped out of the windshield. Although such security specifications are certainly not acceptable in this world. Despite this, Ruf carries out its production without any peculiarities. The additional element thus added is the anti-lock braking system. Well that was very mandatory to add that thing to SCR. Otherwise the security departments have little or no chance of allowing this car on the road.

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Porsche 911 GT3

We have a wonderful competitor for the reputation SCR here. It is none other than the Porsche 911 GT3. Well, spending more than 800,000 for a car that is a copy of another car that is cheaper than it is not going to sound that reasonable. Starting at $144,650, the GT3 offers engineering, performance and a passionate driving experience. Overall it’s much better and cheaper than the SCR.

Still, some retro-spec lovers prefer to spend that kind of money to buy the SCR. It stands stronger than some models of the GT3. However, it cannot match the style and design of the latest Porsche.


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