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2019 WEY VV7 Review


2019 WEY VV7

Chinese automakers are well known for copying other cars to make their model. But not every one of them has been spoiled with fake designs. Well, the FAW and Great Wall Motors have achieved remarkable fame in the automotive industry. And they not only covered the local Chinese market, but even spread to the rest of the world.

Recently, Great Wall Motors launched its new WEY brand to cover the Australia and Oceania region. The brand has been awarded to carry luxury variants. And the company’s prime example is the VV7. It is a mid-size crossover utility vehicle that has been under development for the last few years.

The WEY VV7 was originally titled 01. But he didn’t have much appeal to the target market. And even it had numerous copyright issues. Based on this, the 01 was left until development was done. And VV7 was specified as commercial market nomenclature. Well, in early 2017, the company officially unveiled the VV7. It is available in two model levels.

The VV7 C is an entry-level variant available with the standard features offered by the company. While the VV7 S is the top trim model recognized as a sport model. Additionally, the VV7 has a starting price of $25,350. That’s certainly fine for an entry-level SUV. But the quality of the insulation in the car can hardly keep up with this price. As it contains some premium ingredients that you may not find in this price range.

So far the WEY VV7 has had a good log in the commercial market. And let’s see what else it can do.

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2.0L7-speed automatic231 hp266 lb ft
0 – 62 MPHtop speedbody styleMPG
9.9 sec150km/hSUV16 city / 20 highway


Hood of 2019 WEY VV7

The Great Wall Motors have developed their in-house power mechanism. And the similar technique was used on all other variants introduced after the VV7. The only difference found so far is the performance.

Well, the VV7 is powered by the GW4C20A turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It is the first variant for WEY that uses this mechanism. And here it was producing 231 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque. While both models of VV7 use the same technique. In addition, the powertrain is mated to the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Before that, the company claims that the VV7 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.8 seconds. And the recommended top speed at 155 miles per hour. Well, the ground realities are a bit different than the actual claim. But it would certainly escalate further in the next tests.

In addition to performance, the VV7 can give you a combined fuel economy of 18mph. That means you get almost 16 for the city and 20 on the highways. Well, when you factor that mileage into the comparison bar, the American, Japanese, and European SUVs can do a lot better with that size of mechanism.

The handling is pretty good and you would feel that it’s quite responsive. Whether on the highway or in the city, the VV7 offers crisp handling. But if you compare this to the other brands on the market, you might make some snags.

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Well, it’s WEY’s very first car and we can expect numbers like that from this car. We expect even better results from the successor models.



2019 WEY VV7 exterior

The VV7 is blessed with a pretty stylish exterior. And it gets modern cosmetics. Well, the cosmetics include the Leopard grille prominently copied from an American SUV, a shark fin antenna, a fin spoiler and the 20-inch alloy wheels. In addition, 7 colors are available for the exterior.

Aside from the styling, the VV7 includes some decent aerodynamic applications. And you could definitely feel that when driving this car.



Interior of 2019 WEY VV7

The interior is quite impressive. You can’t expect that from a Chinese car. And there’s not even a likely indication that it’s been copied by any other brand. While the decor resembles an Italian kitchen lavish with leather and fibers. On top of that, the heated seats, power tune and seat memory setup add a little more quality to the car. In addition, the VV7 can accommodate 5 people including the driver. While it is quite spacious and certainly comfortable. Additionally, you even get some handy storage space. That means you can easily pack for the long trips.



Features of 2019 WEY VV7

can you read chinese Well, the WEY prefers its native language and the VV7 gets an all-Chinese 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with very little knowledge of English. If you can read this, you’ll like this funky type of system. But if not, then you might have to bang your head in. Also, not Android Auto, since the Chinese do not prefer androids. Despite going with Apple, the VV7 doesn’t even have the Apple CarPlay. Well, what you can do with this system is just tweak it for multimedia and in-car settings like climate settings and the ambient light changer. Previously, navigation is available as an option for this car, and even in Chinese.

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2019 WEY VV7 safety

Numerous safety functions are available for the VV7. Standard features include a reinforced structure and the front airbags. Additionally, you get the option for Park Assist, all surround cameras, Lane Keep Assist, Stability and Traction Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, Autonomous Braking and Object Recognition. Well, we haven’t tested them yet, but we expect them to be up to scratch.



Peugeot 3008

The only clue we have is that Great Wall Motors took inspiration from the Peugeot 3008 and made the VV7. Well, in China it’s marketed as the 4008 and it’s even assembled there. The VV7 bears a certain resemblance to its design, but it’s not its copy. The 3008 is better than the VV7 on any surface.

A budget SUV is definitely an attraction. Especially if it has a high-quality interior and a beautiful design. But the performance needs some improvement.


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