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Car Interior Essentials: What Should I Keep in My Car?

With so many products designed for comfort in the passenger compartment of a vehicle, it’s only natural to ask yourself, “What should I keep in my car?” We don’t want a crowded area in the vehicle, so we’re just showing you that Essentials that anyone can find useful.

After a long list of car interiors that are on the market these days, we’ve shortened them by focusing on the most important categories. We have selected air fresheners, cup holders, trash cans, organizers, phone mounts, portable DVD players, inverters, safety gear and sun protection. Find out which is the best product for each category!

Air Freshener

Moso Natural Air Purification Bag

Who wants a smelly car? Knowing everyone’s answer to this question, we made sure to include air fresheners or air purifiers as car accessories. The main problem with most car air fresheners is the gross, strong smell that comes from a small container that only lasts for months.

Because of this Moso Natural Air Purification Bag remains as a top air freshener for cars. It is an excellent odor eliminator that removes odors in the passenger compartment by absorbing them. It’s better than scented ones because these air fresheners only hide the smell, not eliminate it outright.

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Cup Holder

American Technology The Mugger Foldable Cup Holder

Most car owners allow beverages to be consumed in their vehicles. However, spills are inevitable in moving cars. Drinking while driving is also dangerous; it doesn’t matter if the drink is non-alcoholic. To reduce the possibility of spills and accidents, cup holders can definitely get the job done. They must be perfectly stable and universal to accommodate most cup sizes.

American Technology The Mugger Foldable Cup Holder has the ideal design as it can be folded up when not in use. Drink holders can be a nuisance as internals, so it’s best if they can be folded.

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Garbage Can

Drive Auto Products car trash can

We’re not talking about the usual metal or plastic trash cans. Those made for cars are usually made of strong, durable fabric that can expand when needed and collapse otherwise. Car garbage bags make more sense for long journeys as passengers need to consume food and drink along the way. So that you never forget it when travelling, simply stow the garbage bag in your car.

Drive Auto Products car trash can is a bestseller due to its intelligent design. It can securely hold liners for easier disposal. It is also waterproof and odorless.

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Fancy mobility backseat organizer

There are several organizers for passenger compartments. Clutter in the car is a hazard and must be resolved immediately. Plus, it will only make your passengers uncomfortable. Isn’t that embarrassing?

We are so happy to stumble upon a product that is already a line of organizers. Visor organizers are perfect for driver slash owners of the car. Meanwhile, backseat organizers are often bought by parents for their whole family. Fancy mobility backseat organizer and its free visor organizer is a real treat.

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Phone Mounts

Maxboost Car Universal Air Vent Magnetic Smartphone Holder

Authorities around the world cannot stress this enough – Never use a phone during driving. However, there is an obvious trick to doing this. Car phone mounts are important to ensure drivers don’t miss a thing, especially family emergencies and work-related matters, without compromising their safety. These also come in handy when going to an unfamiliar location, hence the need for GPS.

An excellent product for this category is Maxboost Car Universal Air Vent Magnetic Smartphone Holder. It is guaranteed to be extra strong, secure and adjustable without damaging the car’s finish.

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Portable DVD Players

DBPOWER portable DVD player

Entertainment seems perfunctory to be considered an essential concept, but you will definitely find it useful when you travel. Despite the advent of new gadgets, many people still prefer DVD players. Video streaming is cool and all, but it can be useless if you’re not connected online. Meanwhile, soft copies are also easy to use. Fortunately, most portable DVD players are already compatible with various file types.

DBPOWER portable DVD player is a twist and fold type, perfect for headrest mounts. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, it is ready for long journeys. It’s also versatile as it has an SD card slot and a USB port.

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BESTEK inverter

Electricity is a necessity. Unfortunately, cars can’t do that – unless we use inverters. These devices are a godsend as they are the only ones that can convert the car battery direct current to alternating current, what you need to charge devices. They look like power banks, compact and light.

The all-time favorite of car owners in general is BESTEK inverter. It can charge four devices simultaneously in different modes: two AC outlets and two USB ports. More importantly, it doesn’t overheat no matter how you maximize its outputs and ports.

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Safety Equipment

In this section, we’ve come up with two broad subcategories because security is a vague word. Escape tools and first aid kits are essential items for the passenger compartment. The first is obviously invented for emergency situations when you are locked in the car. The latter, meanwhile, concentrates on treating wounds and injuries in the event of an accident. You can forget the rest, but never the safety equipment.

AAA 85 Piece Commuter First Aid Kit

Next we have them AAA 85 Piece Commuter First Aid Kit. It is designed for cars because of its very compact size and its sturdy carrying case that can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. Don’t let its size fool you; This first aid kit is packed with essentials. It’s like opening a surprise gift.

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Sun Protection

Desirable Shade Car Windshield Sun Shade

Aside from causing car seats to burn like frying pans, heat can also damage the vehicle’s interior. Car windows also increase sunlight and glare for the driver and passengers. In this category we will also divide it into two areas: side window and windshield sunshades.

Desirable Shade Car Windshield Sun Shade is a popular sun protection product. It’s perfect when parking your car in the heat of the sun. Why? It is excellent for keeping the interior cool. It’s also big enough to cover the entire windshield. Despite its enormous size, installation takes only seconds. Simply unfold and distribute the material over the entire windshield.

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Veneev car sun protection

In the meantime, Veneev car sun protection can block more than 98 percent of the sun’s UV rays. These harmful elements should not get into your car, especially if you are traveling with babies and pets. This product is a good deal as it also has a rear window blind.

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What should I keep in my car?

In summary, if you come across the question “what should I keep in my car?”, just think of the basics we’ve included in our list. Decorate the passenger compartment with essentials such as air fresheners, cup holders, trash cans, organizers, phone mounts, portable DVD players, inverters, safety gear and sun shades.

We recommend not going beyond these products to avoid overcrowding your vehicle with accessories, tools and gadgets.

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