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How often to replace wipers

It goes without saying that motorists should always rely on clear vision to avoid accidents. Windscreens should therefore be cleaned regularly with mechanical wipers. But windshield wipers also have their limits. The constant rhythmic movement and environmental obstacles will bother the windshield wipers in the long run. So we should learn how frequent is the maintenance for wipers.

Why replace wipers

Before we get to the technical side of this topic, let’s first understand why wiper maintenance is necessary. Two reasons are actually enough. Here you are:

  • Avoid abrasion on the windshield glass

    did you lease your car Are you planning to sell your car to buy a new one? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you need to take care of your windshield. Fixing scratched glass is so tedious, so just focus on prevention.

    The most important part of wipers are their blades. After all, windshield wipers will never do their job without the component that actually wipes the glass surface. When the wiper blades are worn, they tend to leave streaks on the windshield. Streaks create multiple white lines that are difficult to erase. Defective rubber gliders can also leave ugly scratches on the windshield due to their metal components.

  • Prevent accidents due to poor visibility

    A 20/20 view is not enough if your windshield is not clear. Scratches, in particular, incorrectly reflect headlight beams and sunlight. They make the reflection appear more solid and obstruct your view. Additionally, when your wipers don’t wipe the windshield evenly, they leave behind blurry patches that can obscure your vision.

    Statistics show that poor windshield visibility is a major factor in one an alarming 46 percent of all fatal accidents. The wiper motor can also fail while driving. It is an essential part of the wipers because it moves them. You could be in trouble if it starts to rain or snow and your windshield wipers don’t move.

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How often to replace wipers

Since windscreen wipers are made up of several components, we cannot make any precise statements regarding the frequency of maintenance. What we will do instead is discuss three main components. Here are the answers to how often we should replace wipers according to their three main components:

  • Sound

    It is safe to say that wiper blades are the most important parts of windshield wipers. These components can remove most substances or elements such as dirt, ice, snow and rain from the windshield. However, the main material is surprisingly simple. Windscreen wiper blades are usually only made of thin rubber. That’s why it’s a no-brainer that they’re among the least durable components on cars.

    As wiper blades deteriorate, they break, shred and detach. They are even more prone to cracking when exposed in winter. Another sign of deterioration is banding and uneven wiping. Falling blades also generate noise. Once activated, they can rattle or squeak.

    The average lifespan of wiper blades is six months to one year. Range is based on factors such as specific blade materials and weather conditions. If we talk about different types of materials, the weakest are blades made of ordinary rubber. Meanwhile, rubber sheets containing hard halogen can last longer. Finally, the best material for blades is silicone. Unfortunately, silicone blades are expensive.

    Changing wiper blades is so easy. Just buy rubber refills.

  • weapons

    Windshield wiper blades cannot do their job if they cannot move. What moves her are her special arms. These arms are usually made of metal and are therefore much more durable than rubber blades. They can even outlast your car.

    However, there are certain symptoms that can alert you that your windshield wiper arms need to be replaced early. Sometimes the reason a knife grazes your windshield and makes a rattling noise is a broken arm. Other signs include the leaves not touching the windshield or ultimately not moving at all.

  • engine

    Windshield wiper arms never move without a motor. Like the arms, the wiper motor lasts longer than a car. However, like any other car component, it can deteriorate due to certain factors. Daily use can expose it to moisture and heat, a bad combination for metal objects.

    Symptoms of a failed motor include single speed compatibility, wipers that cannot be stopped, and extremely slow movement.

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How to replace windshield wipers

Again, we will provide wiper replacement ideas by focusing on each major component:

  • Sound

    Even as a do-it-yourselfer, you can successfully replace wiper blades yourself. The whole process is so easy. It’s just a matter of measuring your blades before buying new ones and using the hooks to remove and install. Easy Unhook the old blades and insert the replacement pieces.

  • weapons

    If the problem is only the wiper arm hinges, You can just oil them so that they function despite the threat of total corrosion. However, it’s still best to swap out the arms before everything rusts extremely.

    In order to successfully remove and install wiper arms, you must first understand how they connect to your vehicle. Some wipers use nuts to secure the arms. To swap them out, simply lift the cap, unscrew the nut and remove the arm. Other windshield wipers now use clips. Simply unlock the clip and install the replacement arm.

    Once you are sure of the correct way to install your wiper arms, prepare a set of ratchets or sockets and a flat head screwdriver.

  • engine

    You only have access to the wiper motor when you take the hood off. The hood is where the blades and arms rest when not in use. To remove it, first uninstall the blades and arms. Once you see the motor, first disconnect and detach it from the gearbox before removing it. Then insert the new one into the free slot.


When it comes to windshield wiper maintenance, its components matter. It’s possible you’ll never replace the arms and motor. However, the blades are not really durable. Their lifespan is only six months to a year.

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