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How to prevent car windows from fogging up

Finally losing patience when fog covers your car windows?

Well, you should be scared too.

Fog sounds harmless as it is fairly common, but poor visibility can lead to fatal accidents. Therefore, you should learn how to prevent car windows from fogging up.

Before we continue with the tips, let’s first understand why fogging occurs. This is important so that you can easily understand the logic behind some weird solutions that we will discuss later.

Car windows fog up due to condensation

In general, condensation occurs when moisture from warm air meets a cold surface. So what exactly happens when we talk about car windows?

Corresponding Cars. com, when warm air in the passenger compartment meets cold glass, the windows become blurry. That is why fogging often occurs in cold weather.

A perfect way to prove this concept is to breathe close to the window in the car when it’s really cold outside. Because your breath is naturally warm and moist, it immediately leaves a stain on the window.

Aside from breathing, there are other instances where people unknowingly increase the humidity or heat inside a vehicle. Here are five common examples:

  • Wet clothes
  • Snow (which will eventually melt) being dragged by boots
  • Wet car floor
  • hot food
  • Couples get intimate (we’re surprised too!)

Sometimes the concept of condensation can also be reversed, especially when it comes to car windows. If it’s hot outside while it’s cold inside your car, fogging can also occur. However, it’s not as intense as the original idea because cold air contains less moisture.

Next we will discuss what you should do if it starts fogging up. This will be the result if you do not take preventive measures. Don’t worry; We’ll talk about prevention later.

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The solution to fogged car windows depends on the weather

We’ve prepared two guides because let’s face it – it’s not always cold outside. If it’s a sunny day, you’ll have to use a different method.

  • Cold weather

    Of course, if it’s a cold day, you’d rather turn on the heating. Unfortunately, that leads to fogging. In this case, follow the steps below:

    1. Adjust the heating to its highest setting.
    2. Activate the air conditioning.
    3. Switch off recirculation mode.
    4. Slightly open the car windows for a few minutes.

    The reason you need to turn the heater to maximum is to create more humidity in the car. This doesn’t make sense for now, but wait until we explain the next step.

    As soon as you activate the air conditioning, it efficiently absorbs a large amount of moisture in the car. Then, when you turn off the recirculation, dry air finally gets into your area.

    The last step is for a more thorough defogging. If you open a window, the colder outside air will completely eliminate the humid air inside the vehicle.

  • Hot weather

    Just like the first method, you also need to regulate the temperature inside the car when it’s sunny outside. So of course you also have to warm up the interior.

    The tricky part is this: Condensation is on the outer surface of the car window. You have to wipe the window clean from the outside. At least with windshields, you only have to use the wipers.

    In order to defog the outer part of the windows, you have no choice but to make a small sacrifice by dealing with hot weather for a while.

    What you have to do is simply turn the air conditioner to the lowest setting. You may even need to turn it off if the fog keeps appearing. You should also switch off the air recirculation mode.

    If you don’t mind the wind, just open the car window. Coping with hot weather can be uncomfortable when the air conditioning is on low and the windows are closed.

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How to prevent car windows from fogging up

You can save yourself the hassle of defogging if you know how to keep car windows clean. No one wants to shake or sweat in the car just to clear condensation.

Before we get to the weird stuff, here are the basic preventive measures:

  • So clean your car windows regularly can withstand moisture (Remove adhesives carefully, if at all, to avoid permanent white streaks on the glass).
  • Park with two windows open if it’s safe (especially if you have an adult in the house).
  • If you are alone, crack the second row (one inch) windows when you park your car.
  • Open the front windows if your car is in a garage.

Finally, we now discuss two strange methods that are surprisingly effective for defogging.

  • The Potato Method

    For some reason, the moisture in potatoes makes fogging less likely. After cleaning the windowshere is what you should do:

    1. Halve a potato.
    2. Wipe the pulp of the potato all over the window (cut off a small part of the potato if dirt has accumulated on it).
    3. Remove any streaks of potato starch.
    4. Again wipe the pulp down to the surfaces where you removed the starch streaks (taking care not to leave any more streaks).
    5. Leave the windows untouched for five minutes.

    Don’t hesitate to use more than one potato if it’s not enough to cover all the car windows. You can also use spoiled potatoes to avoid using fresh ones for consumption.

  • The cat litter method

    We saved the most interesting for last. Corresponding bustleCat litter is excellent at absorbing moisture.

    So should you also put cat litter on car windows? Here are the steps:

    1. Place a large roll of duct tape over a sock.
    2. Pour cat litter into the roller that will serve as a funnel.
    3. Wrap the sock with another sock.
    4. Place the bundle of cat litter anywhere in the passenger compartment.

    Don’t expect this method to work right away. It takes days for the moisture in your car to be fully absorbed. Keep in mind that this is a long-term solution, not an emergency defogging option.

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To avoid the tricky defogging techniques, learn how to prevent car windows from fogging up. The durable solutions ensure that you feel comfortable in the car, no matter how hot or cold the weather is.

Clean car windows are not only important to withstand moisture. Find out how important they are if you are selling your vehicle.

If you are looking for car accessories, we have a list of things to keep in your vehicle. The list includes products for car windows.

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