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Mac Tools TWV250DR Torque Wrench: 50 – 250 Ft-Lbs

Tired of pushing buttons just to set the torque? The Mac Tools TWV250DR Torque Wrench has your back!

There are times in the construction and automotive industries when finding the right torque is not a proposition. it is crucial. We enjoy our digital torque wrenches, but decided to take a step on the purely mechanical side of things and see what the Mac Tools TWV250DR has to offer in its 50 to 250 ft-lbs torque wrench.

Setting the torque

Mac Tools TWV250DR Torque Wrench

Adjusting the torque settings on this wrench is very easy and only takes a few seconds. With one hand, pull down the square collar and turn the handle clockwise to increase torque and counterclockwise to decrease torque.

The square collar double pulls by helping prevent the torque wrench from rolling away.

This wrench is a dual capacity design, meaning you can set the torque in either foot-pounds or Newton-meters, depending on your application. The convex viewing windows enlarge the numbers on the dial for increased accuracy. Foot-pound settings are shown as white numbers on a black background, while newton meter settings are black numbers on a white background.

Mac Tools TWV250DR Torque Wrench

As we’ve come to expect from a professional torque wrench, you can switch directions to cover standard and reverse thread fasteners.

measure torque

Hit Your Target

Mac Tools TWV250DR Torque Wrench

Many of the torque wrenches we’ve tested over the years have a digital display and use a combination of audible and tactile feedback. The Mac Tools TWV250DR features a mechanical feedback system that alerts you when you’ve reached your desired torque. As you apply gentle pressure, you’ll hear a slight click and the wrench will slip a few degrees to let you know you’ve hit your target.

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Note that the accuracy of this model is ±4%.


As with all precision measuring tools, we recommend that you have your torque wrench checked regularly. You can either send it to the Mac Tools metrology lab to have it verified by your trusted calibration service. Ideally, schedule a calibration once a year or whenever it takes a hard fall.

Additional functions

  • Tether ready grip
  • 1/2 inch square drive

The Mac Tools TWV250DR costs directly $429.99 and carries a one-year limited warranty. For professionals, use the store locator on their website to find your local Mac Tools franchisee.

The Final Result

For professionals who prefer the simplicity of an all-mechanical torque wrench, the Mac Tools TWV250DR is a great choice. While the convex magnifying windows take a little getting used to, it’s an easy-to-use option that doesn’t require you to press a series of buttons to get the job done.

Mac Tools 50-250 Ft-Lbs Torque Wrench Specifications

  • Model: Mac Tools TWV250DR
  • Manual ft-lbs. Select
  • Length: 25 inches
  • Weight: 3.56 pounds.
  • Capacity: 50-250 ft-lbs.
  • Drive: 1/2 inch ball detent
  • Display: ft-lbs. and Nm
  • Feedback Type: Slip Gear
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Price: $429.99
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