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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Orbital Polishers – 15mm and 21mm

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 15mm and 21mm Random Orbital Polishers offer performance, run time and ergonomics for the professional detailer

Milwaukee Tool now has two full size M18 FUEL random orbital polishers in 15mm and 21mm configurations, sufficient for both buffing and heavy correction applications. They consider both polishers to be true replacements for corded tools. The M18 FUEL 15mm and 21mm orbital polishers have a clear focus on performance and ergonomics – two qualities that are critical to vehicle detailers.

Ergonomics really play a big role with these tools as detailers can spend hours a day holding a polisher. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 15mm and 21mm orbital polishers look well balanced and have a beautifully designed front and rear grip. Milwaukee Tool also claims low vibration and noise.

Milwaukee random orbit sander

The backing plate on each tool is designed to stay cool – even with all-day heavy use. This minimizes the risk of surface or paint damage due to heat build-up. Milwaukee also rotated the battery 90 degrees, giving the tools 2 inches of clearance between it and the work surface. This will help prevent you from accidentally hitting the vehicle with the battery while polishing. It’s great if you can get rid of the cable – but nobody wants to replace one problem with another.

Variable speed with 8-position dial

Both polishers were designed with a variable speed trigger and an 8-position speed dial. Between this and the locking knob, you get a ton of control when using these polishers in a variety of applications from scratch removal to finishing.

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2685-20 variable speed dial

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 15mm orbital polisher spins between 2,650 and 5,100 RPM, while the 21mm model operates between 2,400 and 4,500 RPM.

Run time on the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Random Orbital Polishers

Paired with a powerful XC6.0 M18 RedLithium battery, you can expect up to 53 minutes of polishing or up to 20 minutes of heavy-duty use removing scratches, according to Milwaukee Tool. While you can get longer run time with a larger battery, pairing these tools with the XC6.0 offers better balance and freedom of materials than using a larger battery.

Milwaukee 5

Price and Availability

Keep an eye out for the new Milwaukee M18 FUEL random orbit sanders, which will hit store shelves in April 2022. The 5-inch model costs $529 as a kit, while the 6-inch polisher costs around $559.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 15mm Random Orbital Polisher Specifications

  • Model: 2684-20 (kit 2684-22HD)
  • Orbit diameter: 15mm
  • Support plate size: 5 inch
  • Speed: 2,650-5,100 rpm
  • Tool length: 17.26 inches.
  • Weight (without battery): 5.16 lbs.
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Kit includes: M18 FUEL 15mm Random Orbital Polisher, 5 inch. Backing Plate (49-36-0401), (2) M18 RedLithium High Output XC6.0 Battery, M18 and M12 Quick Charger and Build Bag
  • Price: $529
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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 21mm Random Orbital Polisher Specifications

  • Model: 2685-20 (2685-22HD Kit)
  • Orbit diameter: 21mm
  • Support plate size: 6 inch.
  • Speed: 2,400-4,500 rpm
  • Tool length: 17.3 inches.
  • Weight (without battery): 5.6 lbs.
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Kit includes: M18 FUEL 21mm orbital polisher, 6 inch. Backing Plate (49-36-0402), (2) M18 RedLithium High Output XC6.0 Batteries, M18 and M12 Rapid Charger and Contractor Bag
  • Price: $559
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