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Review of the Würth Zebra 1/2 inch socket set

As we have said before, not every socket set needs to fall into the master mechanic sets category. Sometimes all you need is the basics. Having encountered many impromptu projects and mishaps over the years, the Wurth Zebra 1/2″ Socket Assortment Set looked like a handy set to keep in my truck. It fits easily under the seat of my Ford F150 and makes it easy to tackle small projects as needed when I don’t have access to my full tool kit.


  • 12-point multiple sockets (spline)
  • Includes all socket wrench sizes from 10mm to 32mm
  • Including two extensions and universal joint
  • Foam rubber insert ensures order
  • The set fits in the regular depth drawers of my tool chest
  • Compact set packs away anywhere (truck box, under seats, boat, trunk, tool box, etc.)


  • Would benefit from better labels on the insert to make sockets easier to identify
  • Very expensive kit


We liked the selection of quality sockets that the Würth Zebra 1/2″ Socket Set offers. It fits easily in your tool box, truck box, trunk, or under the seat. The comfortable grip of the included 1/2″ ratchet lets you push down when needed, adding a bit more capability to the standard-sized handle.

Features of the Würth Zebra 1/2″ Socket Set

This metric set contains 23 pieces. You get 19 sockets ranging from the ubiquitous 10mm to the oversized 32mm. The set features 12 point multiple sockets – very similar to spline sockets. They let you quickly snap into place and get to work. I might prefer 6-point sockets for my master set, but I don’t mind this style for a portable toolset.

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It’s also “worth” noting (you see what I did there?) that they offer sockets in 6-pt, 12-pt, and multi-socket (spline). Notably, Würth USA offers a 1/2-inch SAE kit (model 09651321) that closely mirrors this, but with 6-point sockets.

Multi socket spline drive

The set comes in a sturdy metal box with a foam insert. It snaps into place and keeps everything compact and organized. The height is perfect too – it fits snugly in my regular tool drawers.

Würth Zebra 1/2 inch ratchet

The included Wurth Zebra 1/2″ ratchet bucks trends with a rubberized grip. It actually gives you a lot of leverage – simply by cushioning your grip so you can pull or push with more force. Some may prefer the easy cleaning of an all stainless ratchet.

padded ratchet handle

As we saw with the Würth 3/8 inch socket wrench set, they dispense with the quick-release knob in favor of a simple snap-in bearing. On this 1/2″ ratchet, the detent holds the nut very securely, but we had no trouble loosening it like we did on the 3/8″ set. That was partly to do with the larger size, but even the 10mm went without too much fuss. Of course, if you have greasy hands, loosening the smaller bushings might take some work.

Würth ratchet dial

The forward/reverse mechanism uses a rotating disc ring instead of a toggle switch. It’s easy enough to get used to. Though different from what many might be used to, it doesn’t require a major effort to switch directions. The only negative is that you don’t get any indication of the current direction until you use it. A few marks on the ring could solve that quickly.

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With the Würth Zebra 1/2″ socket wrench set

We’ve accomplished several tasks with this multi-socket set. It worked great for minor jobs like removing and replacing a front wheel on a John Deere lawn tractor.

Würth Zebra 1-2 inch ratchet

We tried a much larger bushing for remounting the rear hitch. You can really apply a lot of torque to this ratchet since it fits so comfortably in your hand. Cranking down a traditional wrench tends to bite your palms a lot more.

Install lawn tractor hitch

The jacks themselves are easy to install, but can be difficult to identify by either the metal body (which only has the lid label) or the rolled markings. Adding laser engraved markings can improve visibility.

rolled markers

The final result

This compact 1/8″ socket set from Würth Zebra seems like a home run to me. I love the small, compact kit and it easily fits under my truck’s seat. With the comfortable ratchet and 1/2″ drive, you can also get rid of larger nuts and bolts – possibly without the need for a longer handle.

For mobile repairs or other portable power outlet needs, this kit should work well for mechanics, technicians, or general maintenance tasks. In fact, we think contractors could use this for tasks where an impact wrench isn’t practical or handy.

Prices and Availability

You really do get what you pay for with this set. It exudes quality and these tools should last a lifetime.

The set costs $172. If that sounds like a lot, compare it to Snap-on’s 17-piece 1/2-inch drive 12-point SAE set, which retails for $775.

Zebra hand tools also come with a limited lifetime warranty. Wurth USA warrants these tools against defects in material and workmanship for a lifetime.

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Keep an eye out for discounts and special offers that Wurth regularly runs. You can purchase this socket wrench set directly from Würth USA.

Würth Zebra 1/2″ Socket Set Contains:

  • 1/2″ ratchet
  • 4 inch extension
  • 9 inch extension
  • universal connection
  • 19 (12-point) multiple sockets (10 mm to 32 mm)
  • Metal case with foam insert

Prices are on the premium side, but still lower than some high-end tool trolley brands.

Wurth USA runs promotions, so be sure to check if this product is on sale!

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