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Test report Opel Zafira 2019


2019 Vauxhall Zafira

The Opel has filled the slots with every type of car. It has sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs. Opel is more or less limited to building cars for everyday life. And yet they prove worthy. While we’re talking about family cars, MPVs share a big chunk of the pie. Especially in Europe, MPVs are the best choice.

Well, Opel hasn’t left the MPV chapter behind. By 1996, Opel worked with Porsche to develop a family car, later called the Zafira. The Zafira made its debut at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show. And after a few years it was launched.

That was the beginning of the first generation of Opel Zafira, which lasted until mid-2005. Well, the first generation of the Zafira was about to win an award. But the Fiat Multipla took that away from him.

Then came the second generation, which was launched in the summer of 2005. And it lasted until 2014. That was a fine car even, but one of its facelifted variants had some issues. While that expanded into a serious investigation involving criminology.

A few years before the end of the second generation, the third came out. And it’s still prevalent. A number of developments have been made during the current generation. Including a hybrid version that was never launched. Well, the Opel Astra was instrumental in the development of the third generation Zafira. And specifically the powertrain is mainly borrowed from Astra.

Previously, the Zafira could come in as many as 11 different models depending on the power mechanism. While the cheapest among these would only cost you $25,000.

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engine transmission hp torque
1.4 – 2.0L 5 and 6 – manual gearbox

6-speed automatic

113 – 192 hp 129 – 295 lbs – feet
0 – 62 MPH top speed body style MPG
9.3 sec 107km/h MPV 32 city/ 35 highway


Bonnet of the Opel Zafira 2019

If Opel had commercially launched the hybrid version for the Zafira, it might have become a big box-office hit for the company. But it relied on petrol, natural gas and diesel engines.

Well, the party starts with the petrol models. The first to take place comes with the 1.4-liter turbocharged four-pack engine making 118 hp with 148 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the 1.6-liter turbocharged variant brings the power to 168 hp with a constant torque of 192 lb-ft. While its over-boost capability brings torque to 207 lb-ft. The party continues to the 1.8-liter engine with VVT technology, which produces 113 and 138 hp.

The natural gas variants include a 1.4 L and a 1.6 L engine, both turbocharged. Power ranges from 138 to 148 hp with 148 to 155 lb-ft of torque. And these are the only flex-fuel choices available across the entire series.

The diesel segment is the most populous. It starts with a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter four-pack that makes 118 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. Its latest edition produced 134 hp with 236 lb-ft. The remainder are the 2.0 L variants, consisting of 130, 168 and 192 horsepower and torque ranging from 221 – 295 lb-ft.

In addition, the 5-speed manual transmission is standard on the base models. The upper trims enjoy either a 6-speed manual or an automatic transmission. In addition, the handling specs are okay. It won’t make you feel like it’s oversteered or heavy. Instead, it steers fairly smoothly.

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2019 Opel Zafira exterior

The Zafira is quite stylish and looks very attractive. The exterior components are nice, including the LED headlights, alloy wheels, two-tone side mirrors and a decent rear styling. In addition, the Zafira shares some design details with the Astra. Like the pillars and beams. While the structure is different. In a way, it’s a nicely designed MPV. In addition, the optional items include 16” to 19” alloy wheel design, color options, roof rails and the ceiling box.

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Interior of Opel Zafira 2019

The Zafira includes a high quality interior. And the interior design is ergonomic. The interior trimmings also include the cloth seats, fiber accents and trim. The leather seats are optional for this car along with the stitching and stitching. Before that, Zafira provides some much-needed convenience spots, including cushioned shelves, cup holders, and glass storage. You even get a lot of space for the load. And it adds up with the rear seats folded. Additionally, options include floor mats, comfort items, privacy screens, and a smoking suite.

Well, Zafira seats 5 to 7 passengers including the driver. The distance in the first row is quite comfortable. While the back row remains comfortable until two passengers are seated. Once the third guy gets it, and that happens to be a sane guy and prefers to sit in the middle. Then the guys at the door would like to jump out of the car.

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Features of the Opel Zafira 2019

A 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system is available as an option for the Zafira. The system is prominently equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, it includes multimedia controls, telephony, Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity. Then there is the GPS-based navigation system. Before that, the Zafira offers the USB charging ports where you can charge smartphones and tablets. While this system is generally available on the mid and high trim levels.

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2019 Opel Zafira Safety

The Zafira had some problems in its second generation. But the current generation has achieved 5 stars in the safety test. Key safety features include automatic high beam, front object detector, and vehicle cross. In addition, the Zafira also includes the emergency braking system and blind spot monitoring.

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Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy is a powerful high-end competitor for the Opel Zafira. And specifically, it sits on Zafira in the European market. Well, the Galaxy has more power and consistent performance compared to the Zafira. While the interior layout is almost similar in both cars.

The Zafira is certainly a good option if you are looking for a large MPV for your family. As it has nice performance and comfortable interior. But the only thing that might bother you is the back row seat.


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