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The Best Car Air Fresheners

Most of us travel by car every day to get to work, errands, and other business. With doors constantly opening and closing, cars inevitably pick up different smells from different places we visit. Some of us even prefer to open the vehicle’s windows.

Various people or objects also enter our cars. The mixture of different smells leads to an unpleasant feast of the nose. To keep our vehicles smelling fresh and clean, we must first know the best car air fresheners on the market.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Charcoal Bag

Moso Natural Air Purifying Charcoal Bag

This air purifying bag from Moso is recognized as one of the best car air fresheners. It is so easy to install it in the vehicle. You just have to leave it in the car and let it work wonders. This air freshener simply absorbs odors to eliminate them in the long term. It does not release any fragrance. Its fragrance-free property makes it so popular.

With no odor whatsoever, it guarantees the most non-toxic and chemical-free way to remove the stink and purify the air. Not only is it perfect for vehicles, but also in smelly bathrooms, closets and other compact spaces. It may not be an instant miracle. However, it is the best option to ensure that the car smells clean for a very long time.

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North American Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener by Blue Magic

North American Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener by Blue Magic

While Moso’s air purifying sachet garnered a tremendous reputation among shoppers, Blue Magic’s pure citrus air freshener has its own wonders as well. This product gives off a pleasant scent like most air fresheners.

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However, it stands out from the rest. Why? This air freshener has the most natural, non-toxic smell. It smells like real oranges. After releasing its scent, it completely eliminates the odor. If you prefer an instant remedy to bad odor then this product is for you.

But Moso still beats Blue Magic as the best car air freshener. Some people may not like citrus scents. On the other hand, some may be allergic. Sometimes fruity scents don’t go well with some smells. Also, you have to put in a little more effort with the Blue Magic air freshener compared to Moso. Now and then you have to spray.

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Other products to consider

There are other car air fresheners on the market that are almost as good as our two best. You may be looking for other types and scents. Here are another three products with different properties:

Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener
Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

You don’t have to spray this product like Moso’s air freshener. However, it produces a sweet scent like that of Blue Magic. Your passenger would surely praise you for the delicious smell of Little Trees. However, this air freshener loses its effectiveness faster than the previous two products. That’s why there are 24 pieces in each pack. It is definitely more expensive than Moso and Blue Magic.

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Ozium Smoke & Odours Eliminator Gel and Air Freshener

Ozium Smoke & Odours Eliminator Gel and Air Freshener

The Ozium air freshener is the perfect complement for smokers. Compared to the above products, this gel is the most effective for absorbing smoke smell. It also has a top cover with an adjustable opening for longer use. However, mixing its scent with smoke can be painful to the nose.

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That is why some buyers find it difficult to deal with this product at first. It’s also noticeable how this air freshener slowly loses its effectiveness, although there is still a reasonable amount of gel left.

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Chemical Guys New Car Smell Premium air freshener and odor eliminator

Chemical Guys New Car Smell Premium air freshener and odor eliminator

This Chemical Guys product has the most mixed reviews. It is definitely unique compared to other brands. While other air fresheners have fruity or sweet scents, Chemical Guys go for “new car smell”. This air freshener doesn’t exactly smell like a new car. However, it comes closest to the real smell. It also smells unpleasantly of chemicals.

But it’s effective either way at getting the car smelling clean with just one spray. Plus, it’s still considered one of the best car air fresheners out there.

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How to choose the right car air freshener

Of course, having Moso’s air freshener here as the best doesn’t mean it’s the right product for you. When shopping for a new car air freshener, you still need to consider these factors: type, scent, cost, and lifestyle.


Smart buyers need to know what type of car air freshener is most convenient for them to use. If you find sprays a nuisance, opt for air purifying bags or accessories. Since sprays get rid of unpleasant odors faster, you can choose this type if it doesn’t bother you.


Of course you have to pay attention to the smell. Some people are too picky about the scent they prefer. Sometimes you never know if a surprise passenger would like the smell or not. Some fragrances even smell bad when mixed with bad smell. One solution to this is to purchase fragrance-free odor eliminators. This also helps people who are allergic or sensitive to sprays. However, you can also look for sprays that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and lightly scented.

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You also have to consider the costs in the long run. Are you okay with car air fresheners that easily run out of liquid or fragrance? If you value quality over cost, then go for it! However, you need to carefully search for the right brand. Some brands sell air fresheners that are effective with just one spray. Some air purifying bags can even last a year. Who knows? You might find a product that is high quality while also fitting your budget.


Some buyers rely so much on reviews. So they end up complaining about an article. Reviews mean nothing if they don’t fit your lifestyle. If a lot of reviewers like an air purifier bag or accessory so much, you can still complain about it. You shouldn’t expect this type of air freshener to get rid of the odor right away. If you are always with your pets or love outdoor activities, you should buy sprays. You can even buy both types of air fresheners. You can use the spray in emergencies.

Several marketplaces can propose their own list of the best car air fresheners. However, it’s still up to you to decide what suits your needs and preferences. You just have to choose carefully.

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