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The Best Car Alarm You Can Buy Right Now

A car is a big investment, so you need to protect it and your belongings inside. Therefore, it is just as important to invest in a quality car alarm. You should consider vehicle safety as a top priority. It makes your car more difficult to steal and also offers everyday conveniences like the ability to lock and unlock your doors with a remote control. Some advanced systems even allow you to use your smartphone.

It’s a great technology that has evolved over the years and if you’re curious, here’s a brief introduction how car alarms work. But you should also have knowledge of how to protect your car. Take a look at those Myths and facts about car theft. If you’re looking to upgrade your car stereo, here are the best 10 inch subwoofers to check out.

There are different types of car alarms. How do you choose the right one for your car? We have listed the best systems to install based on your preferences.

Crimestopper SP-101 Deluxe

Crime Stopper SP-101 Deluxe

Our first choice is the Crimestopper SP-101 Deluxe 1-Way Alarm and Keyless Entry System. This is a one-way car alarm system with a range of up to 500 feet, or up to 1,500 feet in optimal conditions. It features remote keyless entry with programmable double lock impulse. Its emergency override and disarm feature allows you to open the doors and bypass the alarm if the transmitter is lost.

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This is a four button remote control. It has an audible and visual alarm with burglar alarm that you can also disable. This has a right and left parking light output for European vehicles.

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Viper 5806V 2-way Security System

Viper 5806V 2-way security system

Our next top pick is this Viper 5806V 2-way security system with remote control. It is a 2-way keyless entry car alarm that is also a remote start system. It features a 5 button LED transmitter with a one mile range. This alarm system can support up to two vehicles so it’s a great value although it’s a bit more expensive than other models. It also comes with two remote controls.

It’s easy to install. You wouldn’t need much professional help. It comes with a DIY instruction. It is of great quality and very versatile.

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Viper Responder 350

Viper responder 350

Another great model Viper is the Viper Responder 350 2-way security system 3305V. This is a two way car alarm security system with keyless entry and LCD 2 way remote control. The keyless function is built in, so you don’t have to configure anything. It also includes a four-button, 1-way sidekick remote.

If you want extra protection for your windshield from the sun, here are the best windshield sunshades for cars.

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Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD

Viper 5305V 2 way LCD

That Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System is also a great option. It has a range of up to ¼ mile. The remote control has a backlit LCD display, so you can easily read the information in the dark or at night. The on-screen interface is easy to use and understand. It is compatible with the Viper SmartStart. This system also features a shock sensor.

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It has six siren tones so you can customize your alarm to your liking. It forwards separate ESP2 and D2D ports.

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InstallGear Car Alarm Security & Keyless Entry System

InstallGear car alarm security and keyless entry system

Another simple but functional alternative is the InstallGear car alarm security and keyless entry system, Trunk pop with two 4-button remote controls. It has keyless entry that offers many conveniences when getting in and locking your car after exiting. The kit includes two 4 button remotes so you have a backup remote in case you misplace your main remote.

The LED indicator light informs you about the status of the lock and the alarm system. It also features a trunk pop so you don’t have to go all the way to the back of your car to pop the trunk.

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Winner International The Club SA110 Vehicle Anti-Theft

Winner International The Club SA110 Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

If you want a truly affordable solution, you might want to consider those as well Winner International The Club SA110 Vehicle Theft Protection Warning signal and sticker combo set. This is a car alarm imitation that you can install in your vehicle that looks like an alarm system to prevent car theft. The kit contains 2 self-adhesive warning stickers and 1 LED flashing light unit.

These LEDs attach to your car’s dashboard or control panel in seconds with hook tape. The stickers are easy to apply to the inside of your windows, protecting them from the elements.

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Smartphone car alarm

How to choose the best car alarm system

Car alarms are very useful, but you have to be smart when choosing which ones to install in your vehicle.

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A good car alarm comes with a variety of sensors programmed to detect theft while it’s happening or in progress.


Your car alarm’s siren needs to be loud enough to both alert the burglar and notify you and others nearby that something is going on. It starts when someone tries to steal your car.

Two Way Remote Control

A two-way remote control gives you feedback on your car’s condition and responds to commands. This is very useful so that you always know the status of your vehicle.

Remote Start

This feature offers many conveniences. You can start your vehicle as you approach your car so it’s waiting for you and ready to go. You can warm it up in advance in winter and cool it down in summer.


Some car alarms allow you to use your smartphone to control the system. It gives you unlimited range as long as you have service on your phone.

Other features you can add to your car alarm system include a GPS to track your car’s location and good online documentation.

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