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The Best Car Steering Wheel Covers

Extremely hot and cold temperatures are uncomfortable for your hands. Because of this, touching the steering wheel can either hurt your fingers or make them numb. You may also encounter a slippery grip if your palms ever sweat. It can lead to a loss of concentration and control in traffic. That is why you must have a cover for your steering wheel. Here are the current best car steering wheel covers:

Driving a car means frequent contact between your hands and the steering wheel. Sometimes you drive long distances to get out of town. This requires a longer grip on the wheel, which can tire your hands after the ride. Another issue you may face as a daily driver is inclement weather.

Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Universal Steering Wheel Cover

Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Universal steering wheel cover

Amazingly, the cheapest among our best car steering wheel covers is the top choice. Bell Automotive steering wheel cover looks trendy and fun because of its colorful design. It adds a touch of style to your car. But that’s not the main reason why it’s the best among the rest. This product represents value for money as it is budget friendly yet high quality.

Among the best sellers on the market, Bell Automotive’s product is one of the few that can last. It remains comfortable to use, secure in the hand and effectively ensures a neutral temperature on the hands.

Surprisingly, the main flaw of this product isn’t the stitching or a sub-par material issue. Once taken out of the packaging, this car steering wheel cover smells so bad of toxic rubber. Many buyers mercilessly complained about how repulsive the initial smell is. But with patience, the strong smell will gradually dissipate. Car air fresheners can help.

Bell Automotive’s car steering wheel cover also has a common small problem. Installation can be very difficult. It takes patience and technique to successfully cover the entire steering wheel. The end result is a very tight fit. But this is much better than loose covers.

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Everything Automobiles Black Odorless Steering Wheel Cover

Everything Automobiles Black Odorless Steering Wheel Cover

From the cheapest we go to the most expensive. This Everything Automobiles car steering wheel cover has padding that feels great under your hands. The padding also makes your grip stronger without straining too much. Aside from the fact that its color is neutral for both men and women, unlike the Bell Automotive product, this product has no odor. It’s also easier to wrap around the steering wheel.

One problem with this car steering wheel cover is that it requires some patience at first. Its padding feels like bumps. This means that sometimes your hands won’t grip a flat surface when turning the steering wheel. You also have to get used to a thicker steering wheel.

Although this product is more expensive, there have still been complaints of loose and missing stitches. The material as a whole doesn’t stand up to the test of time, either. It can be disadvantageous for a car owner who is constantly on the move.

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Other products to consider

There are many unique and interesting car steering wheel covers on the market. So we can’t help but include other brands here as they have special features not found in our top two products.

Lemonbest Universal Car Steering Wheel Stitch-on Wrap Cover

Lemonbest Universal Car Steering Wheel Stitch-on Wrap Cover

You might laugh at first because this Lemonbest car steering wheel cover literally needs to be hand sewn. However, the end result is a durable and comfortable cover that is easy to fit around the steering wheel. The leather material of this product is also of a higher quality than most brands.

This item comes with a thread, a needle and a call for patience. You must reserve more than an hour of your day to fully install this cover. This Lemonbest product is perfect for people who love crafts and have a lot of free time. It can actually be a relaxing experience for some car owners, not to mention the good supply of fine material and cheap price.

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We cannot consider the need for manual sewing of this product as a defect. Lemonbest actually sells this fact. If you buy this, you know what you’re getting into. The real issues with this product are the lack of an instruction manual and a poor quality needle. You have to rely on tutorials to get everything right. You will also need to purchase your own heavy duty needle. Still, this product is more durable than most.

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SEG Direct universal steering wheel cover in black microfiber leather

SEG Direct universal steering wheel cover in black microfiber leather

If you want a more luxurious style of car steering wheel cover, then SEG Direct’s product is perfect for you. It’s definitely expensive for a reason. It is of high quality and visually enhances the dashboard of your car. But the microfiber selling point of this product might have disappointed some buyers as the material isn’t too soft. This case has a slightly rough texture for a good grip.

Unfortunately, the off-putting part of this product is the packaging. The car steering wheel cover is unusually folded into four parts. The reason for this is not entirely clear. But it definitely became a hassle for some buyers. You need to put extra effort into removing the fold marks. In some cases, the cover can no longer follow the round shape. Despite the flaw, SEG Direct’s product is still one of the highest quality products when it comes to stitching and material.

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Plasticolor Star Wars Darth Vader steering wheel cover

Plasticolor Star Wars Darth Vader steering wheel cover

This Plasticolor product is one of the best-selling types of car steering wheel covers. Obviously, it’s perfect for Star Wars fans. Aside from the overall look, it is easy to install and remove for cleaning. The material is also of good quality and fits well. However, some buyers find the design awkward with Darth Vader being upside down on one side.

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But overall this is great news. If you are a fan of the franchise then you might want to give this product a try as it is of good quality either way.

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How to choose the right car steering wheel cover

To choose the perfect steering wheel cover for your vehicle, you should consider two characteristics: size and material for grip. Make sure the cover fits the steering wheel, stays durable despite constant use and feels right under your hands.


Two bad scenarios will happen if you buy wrong size car steering wheel cover. If it is too small, you would find it difficult to stretch the cover over the steering wheel. On the other hand, if it is too big, it would stay loose all the time. Loose covers can affect your driving and lead to potential disasters.

Read the product details carefully, especially the dimensions. Measure the diameter, circumference and grip of your steering wheel. For the diameter, place the measuring tape from the left to the right edge of the wheel. Next, the tape needs to go all the way around the wheel for the circumference. Finally, wrap the tape where your hands usually grip.


The most popular material for steering wheel covers is leather. Aside from the fact that it looks stylish, it offers a stronger grip than most materials. One of the challenges of owning a steering wheel cover is cleaning it. Some materials shrink or expand after washing.

With leather covers, they can be easily washed with a leather cleaner or a soapy cloth. Options don’t end with leather. You can opt for a wooden cover if you want a classy look. Just snap the cover on, way too different than fabric covers that you have to slide open. Meanwhile, if you want the strongest grip, buy a rubber cover.

So that is our list of the best steering wheel covers for this year. Prioritize comfort behind the wheel for a safer and more focused drive.

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