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The Best Car Windshield Sunshades

One annoying thing as a car owner happens in hot weather. Your car looks like an oven after being parked in the glaring sun. The best solution to this is to purchase a windshield sunshade. 

How to choose the right car windshield sunshade

Choosing the perfect car windshield sunshade is difficult. There are several factors to consider: type, material, size, brand, design and comfort.


Universal custom-fit parasols are foldable. They are made for convenient storage. Also, they are custom made. This ensures perfect coverage of your entire windshield. Custom-made products that can be rolled up, on the other hand, are simply rolled up after use. The disadvantage of this is a difficult installation. Meanwhile, accordion types are sturdy and convenient to store. Below that it has further subtypes. That’s why this one is the most popular. After all, universal roll-ups are cheaper than other types. They can also be used in a variety of ways in terms of design. Therefore, this type is preferable for different cars.


This factor is probably an important one. Finally, we buy windshield sunshades for UV protection. We need light, durable and budget-friendly parasols. So polyester and nylon are two effective materials for it.


Make sure your car’s windshield is one of the standard or universal sizes. If not, don’t settle for commercial products. You must have a custom made parasol. That’s probably the main reason why some products get negative reviews about fit.

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If you are too precise on many factors, choose the brand for an easier choice. But you have to spend more money for that. Nevertheless, the quality usually comes with the price.


There are parasols that only have solid colors. Others have designs, particularly novelties. Don’t hesitate to consider your style when choosing a parasol. Finally, most people use a windshield sunshade when the car needs to be parked. Show passers-by how great your parasol is.


We can’t help but experience some moments where we have to rush out of the car. You’re most likely to experience this when you work in an office or when you’re shopping for last-minute groceries. If you are a busy bee, choose the product that is easy to install and store.

Say goodbye to hot steering wheels and seats with one of our best car windshield sunshades. Our time is too valuable to waste waiting for the seats to cool down.

On the other hand, you can check out our guide to choosing the right car interior.

If you are planning to buy a new one, here are the best car windshield sunshades this year:

Coveted Shade Car Windshield Sunshade Jumbo with UV Protector Shields

Desirable shade car windshield sunshade jumbo with UV protection shields

The prices of the best windshield sunshades for cars do not differ much. At an average of $13, you really can bag a quality one. Since we cannot rely on price when evaluating any windshield sunshade, the key factors are UV protection, durability and ease of installation/storage.

Coveted Shade’s product is the most durable and comfortable among the best car windshield sunscreens. It also does its job well when it comes to UV protection. With UV blocking, the car will not heat up much when parked in the sun. Why is this product so easy to use? It appears for quick installation. It can also be folded nicely to fit in his pocket. Additionally, there are minimal complaints about durability.

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Well, the main problem with most windshield sunshade products is inaccurate assembly. Coveted Shade’s product isn’t even an exception. Buyers claim that while the product guarantees the right fit for large vehicles like trucks and vans, it falls short of what it promises. They say this windshield sunshade is too small. With a small parasol, it doesn’t stick to the windshield.

Although the Coveted Shade windshield sunshade is still one of the best for keeping a cooler vehicle on sunny days, despite being thinner and less sturdy quality than other products. To prevent fitting errors, make sure you measure the windshield accurately before purchasing. Then compare it with the dimensions of the product. Some windshields are not even included in the standard and universal sizes. So, in this case, do not rely too much on ready-made products.

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Shade-It Windshield Sunshade with Excellent UV Reflector

Shade-It windshield sunshade with excellent UV reflector

This time, the following products encountered some durability problems like this one. However, what sets the Shade-It windshield sunshade apart is its fit. This parasol is large enough for most car models. A larger parasol is better than a smaller one anyway.

Unfortunately, Shade-It’s windshield sunshade does not meet the criteria for durability and comfort. The structure may fall apart after a few weeks despite minimal use. In particular, the metal frame protrudes from the fabric of the product. This can lead to scratches on the windshield in further use. Folding it up for storage is also time consuming.

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Other products to consider

Here are other best-selling car windshield sunshades that almost made it to the top:

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Plasticolor Star Wars Accordion Sunscreen

Plasticolor Star Wars Accordion Sunscreen

Plasticolor is a brand known for their Star Wars inspired designs on their products. The windshield sunshade is definitely no exception to the brand’s trend. Apart from its humorous design, this product convinces when it comes to UV protection. Its image also remains for quite a long time. Fading is not common for the buyers.

While the image doesn’t fade quickly, the “fish scales” are definitely a problem. After a few months, Plasticolor windshield sunshades tend to chip off. With continuous use in hot weather, it gradually gives up by losing its robustness. It tends to sag and sag.

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Pro Shade sun protection with UV reflective fabric protection

Pro Shade sun protection with UV reflective fabric protection

The best thing about the Pro Shade windshield sunshade is its compact storage. When folded, the product is comparable to the size of a plate. You can hide it anywhere in the car without disturbing the passengers. However, like previous products we have featured, this parasol may only last a few weeks. The main issue with the durability of this product is that the fabric tears.

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X-Shade jumbo car windshield sunshade with cool anti-slip pad

X-Shade jumbo car windshield sunshade with cool anti-slip pad

This product convinces when it comes to UV protection. However, it is not successful enough for very hot days. The material is too thin to protect the car from high heat. However, the main disadvantage of this product is the confusing size. Almost every complaint relates to the inaccurate fit.

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