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A car, no matter what its horsepower and finish, can actually be fragile. It needs to be maintained as well as possible to prevent damage, find hidden problems or fix the root cause of a specific automotive problem. The hardest part of car maintenance? Look under the vehicle.

To make this possible you will need to use a jack. Basically, a jack is a very important tool that allows you to manually raise the car just a few inches off the ground, just enough to slide in and tinker with something underneath. It’s also helpful when you need to change your tires. If you are currently looking for a new jack, we need to find out the best jacks on the market.

Arcan Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan floor jack made of aluminum

The biggest hazard of using a jack is having an ultra-heavy metal object fall directly over you while you’re still on the ground. A cheap price is nothing compared to your safety. That is why our first choice is the most expensive, but also the most durable.

Arcan’s jack may be lighter than most of its kind, but this heavy-duty aluminum tool can lift vehicles up to 3 tons. His lifting arm is reinforced. Thus it increases the strength, durability and control of the product. It also rises quickly compared to most jacks. Due to two pump pistons, the Arcan Autos jack can easily lift up to 19.4 inches. This product can also be only 3.6 inches.

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Due to the high price and high quality of this product, Arcan jack is more suitable for professionals and auto repair shops. It can be a great investment for businesses. But if you’re just a casual handyman, you don’t have to resort to that price point. There are still quality products that are much cheaper.

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Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 Gray Low Profile Floor Jack

From the most expensive jack we now come to the cheapest. The most amazing thing about the Pro-Lift jack is that it is too budget friendly, but buyers are very happy with it. One can expect a cheap product not to work properly. This product proves otherwise.

The main catch of this product is its low profile use. Aside from literally lifting low and lighter cars based on the special standard of 3 to 14 inches, Pro-Lift’s simple jack aims only at helping inconspicuous DIYers whenever a specific car repair is needed.

Of course, this product is not suitable for everyday use. Compared to more expensive jacks, it probably wouldn’t last for years. Still, it’s a quality tool for casual and light use. It’s also good for travel.

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Other products to consider

These next products have mixed reactions from buyers. However, their affordable price and certain special features make them stand out from the rest.

Powerzone garage jack made of aluminum and steel

Powerzone garage jack made of aluminum and steel

Although lightweight due to the aluminum, the Powerzone jack can still lift vehicles up to 18 inches weighing 3 tons. Meanwhile, his arm is made of steel for durability and strength. It’s the perfect blend of portability and performance due to two types of metals.

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Unfortunately, when it comes to smooth controls, Arcan still beats Powerzone. The latter’s arm movement is more difficult to control. With Powerzone it is more difficult to set the vehicle to go high or low. This product also has some problems with the low quality of the screws.

Torin SUV Service Jack

Torin SUV Service Jack

Less expensive than Powerzone but slightly more expensive than Pro-Lift, the Torin jack is making a lasting impression on some satisfied buyers. It can take a lot of pumping to reach the maximum height. But it’s a lot easier to pump than most jacks. The product also comes with an extension piece for extra height. It is definitely a value for money item.

The disadvantage? Torin’s jack doesn’t have a single handle. Carrying this product around can be quite a hassle. But it’s still one of the best jacks for casual use at an affordable price.

How to choose the right jack

Before making a final decision on which brand of jack to buy, you need to know the first important factors to consider in order to avoid regret.

Car Guy

Cars can differ in terms of ground clearance. Some are closer to the ground, like sports cars and racing cars. These trolleys accept low profile jacks. They are easier to lift. Jacks with hydraulics are also best suited for these types of vehicles. On the other hand, scissor jacks are made for travel because you can easily hide them in the trunk of your car. Still, you have to consider how low or high your car is. Meanwhile, bottle jacks are for high clearance vehicles like trucks. Therefore, when looking for the right product, you need to know how many centimeters the jack can reach.

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Car Weight

Floor jacks have different capacities when it comes to weight. As a careful buyer, you need to consider the weight of your car and compare it to a product you are considering. Ton is usually the unit of measurement used in product details. Typically, 2 ton jacks are for small cars. Standard vehicles such as luxury cars, SUVs, trucks and vans are suitable for 3 ton jacks. Other large vehicles require a jack over 4 tons.


Quality usually comes at a price. The more expensive a jack gets, the more suited it is to heavy-duty car work. However, if you are just an amateur mechanic who would rather do it yourself than go to auto shops, then affordable jacks are all you need. Most likely you will only work occasionally. Otherwise, if you are a professional, find the most durable products on the market to avoid buying spare parts.

Owning a car is definitely handy as you can drive to different places as often as you like. In addition, with a luxury car you are a star on the road. However, this requires dedication in maintenance. A jack is one of the most important tools when repairing or maintaining a car. So make sure you choose one of the best jacks.

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