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The Best Portable DVD Player for Cars

Road trips can be tedious, especially for passengers. The driver bears a great deal of responsibility in road traffic, while the passengers remain seated and usually have nothing important to do for several hours. To distract passengers’ attention from their sore butts and the same views—unless they’re amazing—gadgets are finally coming into their own.

A useful gadget for passengers on long car journeys is the portable DVD player. Some portable DVD players are flexible enough to rotate their screen 360 degrees. With this feature, the DVD player becomes flat and only needs to be mounted behind the headrest of the driver’s seat and/or front seat with the right tool. A film can last two hours, which makes the journey seem faster. Here is the best portable DVD player for car:

DBPOWER 10.5” Portable DVD Player


DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player has a screen that can be swiveled for the passenger’s viewing preference. It also has a USB port and an SD card slot for a wider range of movies or shows to play. It can withstand hard impacts in accidents, resulting in a durable portable DVD player.

Its rechargeable battery lasts three hours. This product is not only compatible with DVDs, but also with photos, downloaded videos, MP3s, VCDs and CDs. It is already supplied with an AV cable, a remote control and a car and power adapter.

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Sylvania 13.3-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player

Sylvania 13.3
Sylvania 13.3

Sylvania 13.3″ Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen can only do 180 degree rotation, but that adds to how less prone this product is to damage caused by constant 360 degree screen rotation. It already includes a battery and a pair of earbuds to avoid distracting the driver when needed.

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NaviSkauto 10.1 Inch Ultra-Thin HD LCD DVD Player

NaviSkauto Ultra Thin 10.1 inch HD LCD DVD Player
NaviSkauto Ultra Thin 10.1 inch HD LCD DVD Player

NaviSkauto Ultra Thin 10.1 inch HD LCD DVD Player is specially designed for mounting behind the car seat headrest due to its slim design and free mounting brackets. It has an HDMI port for high definition videos. It comes with two chargers, one for the wall and one for the cigarette lighter. This portable car DVD player can sync with your laptop, Kindle Fire and smartphone.

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SYNAGY A29 9” Portable DVD Player

SYNAGY A29 Portable 9 Inch DVD Player
SYNAGY A29 Portable 9 Inch DVD Player

SYNAGY A29 Portable 9 Inch DVD Player includes an AC/DC adapter. Despite its very affordable price for a portable DVD player, its lithium battery is rechargeable and can last more than three hours. Due to the included car charger, this product can be charged in a moving vehicle, which is most useful for road trips that can last several days.

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Overhead DVD player for cars

How to Choose the Best Portable DVD Player for Cars

Here are important factors to consider before buying the best portable DVD player for cars:


Five common types of DVD players for cars are portable, headrest, overhead, receiver and remote control. Since they are portable DVD players, some of these products can be transformed into other types through customization and advanced features. For example, there are headrest mounts available in the market that can accommodate a portable DVD player with a 360 degree rotating screen. Real headrest DVD players are built in. It’s just a matter of improvisation.


The thing about portable DVD players made specifically for car headrest mounts is that some of them are cumbersome to use at home and other public places. They don’t have a stand as the screen and DVD slot are rolled into one flat device. They need to be as slim and flat as possible to fit most mounts.

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We recommend using portable DVD players with a 360-degree swivel screen. They can be adjusted to 90 degrees for their standing position. If they need to be mounted, simply rotate the screen 360 degrees and snap it flat for mounting. The disadvantage? They may be too thick for some mounts. Also, those made with cheap materials break easily after many turns.

Go further in terms of screen and choose high definition portable DVD players. It will be a more comfortable experience for the passengers. Products with HDMI connection ensure HD quality.

If you choose HD, don’t forget to also consider the size of the screen. Be sure to choose the right size for your car. A large screen, especially when mounted behind the headrest, can be painful to the eyes of a person who is face to face with it at such a short distance. Large screens are suited to the overhead type of DVD players.


As the term suggests, portable DVD players are designed to play videos in DVD form. However, newer models are so functional that they can also show pictures. They usually have USB ports and SD slots for people who don’t rely on DVDs just to watch movies and shows.


For flimsy mounts and human clumsiness, buy a portable DVD player that’s made with quality materials to last. Choose one with a thick exterior to withstand bumps or bumps. DVD players with swivel joints are prone to falls as their screen could detach from the other half after impact.


Of course, what good is a portable DVD player if it has a short battery life and can’t be charged? Of course, we must choose products that can last 2-3 hours. A couple of movies is enough for a couple of road trips. You should also go for a product that comes with chargers that are compatible with different sockets in the car.

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Remote Control

For portable DVD players installed on the car ceiling, a remote control can make the viewing experience easier. It is also for safety purposes as we need to stay seated properly as much as possible in the car. If you’re constantly reaching for the DVD player’s commands, you might have to unbuckle your seat belt just to press the controls.


The best portable DVD player for cars should present high-quality pictures, be versatile for different types of video and picture formats, last a long time in terms of purpose and durability, and come with all the necessary tools and features such as cables, chargers, controls, and screen swivel. Entertain your future passengers by having a DVD player in your car.

Make your car more entertaining than ever for your family, friends and – of course – yourself, besides having a portable DVD player inside. You can also check out our great lists of the best 10 inch subwoofers, bluetooth car speakers and coaxial car speakers.

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