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The Best Steering Wheel Locks

Many of us are willing to spend some money for extra car security. In this day and age when the problem of car theft is getting more and more serious, extra security is never a bad thing. Security systems are good long-term investments. In fact, it secures a larger investment of yours, which is your car.

A quality steering wheel lock is an option. You don’t have to remodel your garage or buy a more expensive security system for it. It’s a simple but effective anti-theft device to consider. Not to mention that an additional security system gives a sense of relief and security wherever you choose to park your car.

If you are interested in buying a steering wheel lock, you can consider our top picks.

 The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 3000 Twin Hooks steering wheel lock, produced by Winner International, is one of the most well-known brand lines when it comes to car safety. Their latest model, The Club 3000 Twin Hooks, is by far one of their best products to date.

This offers a universal fit that you can use on cars, vans, SUVs and trucks. It is designed with added strength and durability to increase its anti-theft protection. It also features The Club’s patented self-locking mechanism, which locks with just a single pull.

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Its chromoly steel (chrome x molybdenum) resists sawing, prying, freon attacks, hammering and other forms of brutal attacks. With the right placement, picking would be very difficult. This model is available in yellow and red. Finally, it is guaranteed for up to $500 against the owner’s trackable deductible.

All in all, Winner International has developed an innovative, high quality and resilient wheel lock for safer spaces and communities.

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The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

Another great product is this steering wheel lock with a hook that is highly visible (hot red color only) and deters theft. Like other Winner International products, The Club 1000 Original Club steering wheel lock Has a self-locking feature that locks with one pull. It’s also constructed of chromoly steel for added durability and strength (resists sawing, prying, freon attacks, hammering, and other forms of brute attacks).

It is designed with a universal fit giving you the freedom to use it on cars, SUVs, vans, light trucks and the like. Owners are guaranteed up to $1800 against the owner’s traceable insurance deductible.

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The Club 1102 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock

If you are looking for a fancier model, The Club 1102 LX series steering wheel lock maybe just for you One of its greatest accomplishments is the chrome-plated lock body and three laser-encrypted keys (none of which can be duplicated for security reasons) that resist picking, hammering, and freon attacks. This model is available in cobalt blue. It is a visually deterrent and heavy duty locking device.

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Like other The Club car lock products, this model features a self-locking system that engages with a single pull. It has a universal fit that makes it more comfortable for its owners. Within one year of purchase, owners are guaranteed up to $2000 against traceable insurance deductible.

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The Club 2100 Truck and SUV Club Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 2100 Truck and SUV Club steering wheel lock is a steering wheel lock specialized for large vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. It is designed to have a longer shaft to fit larger steering wheels. Its appearance is very forbidding and it is only available in hot red color. It features the brand’s patented self-locking mechanism for easy closure. Its high-security lock with laser-coded keys makes car theft unlikely. Its quad-style key also offers increased protection against lock picking and other forms of tampering.

It is guaranteed for the year of purchase for up to $2000 against the owner’s comprehensive insurance deductible.

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The Club 900 Steering Wheel Lock

We vote The Club 900 steering wheel lock as our money-saving choice. This is made from heavy duty hardened steel for durability and longevity. It has a light yellow vinyl coating which makes it very chilling (visually). It also offers a universal fit for the convenience of the owner.

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How to choose the best steering wheel locks

Closure Quality and Durability

A good steering wheel lock should be strong enough to withstand severe physical attacks. If Rubbers try to steal a car, they are likely equipped with tools to bypass existing security measures. For this reason steering wheel locks should be durable enough to withstand brutal attacks. Locks should also not be picked easily.

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Steering wheel locks come in different sizes. Purchasing a universal fit allows you to use your lock on different steering wheels. This is also helpful when shopping online if you are unsure of the lock size that fits your car.

Finally, fit is very important to ensure your lock works. After all, you don’t want a vulnerable car just because you’re the wrong size.


Your lock should be clearly visible, especially from the outside. When it comes to locks, it’s safe to say that power is in looks. Locks coated in solid/strong colors (like red, neon green, or yellow) tend to alert common thieves, knowing they’ll have to put in extra work to get the wheel. It’s important to remember that time and effort are two of car thieves’ greatest enemies. Knowing they still have to bypass a locking device before reaching into a car, theft becomes an even more difficult task.

Also, a flimsy looking steering wheel lock would likely send the wrong message. You don’t want that to happen after you’ve spent your precious dollars.


For this list we have The Club 3000 Twin Hooks steering wheel lock as our top pick. It is one of the best locks made under The Club brand. It promises durability, safety and innovation at the best possible price. All in all, it’s an excellent investment for car owners looking for a sense of security and peace of mind.

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