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The Ingersoll Rand 1-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench is 3,000 ft-lbs!

The Ingersoll Rand 1″ Cordless Impact Wrench cuts the cord, not the force

Ingersoll Rand is known in the truck, oil & gas, power generation and rail vehicle industries for the high performance pneumatic tools they manufacture. Recently they’ve expanded their cordless tools to do more without the need for air hoses or cords. The Ingersoll Rand cordless impact wrench is the most powerful impact wrench in the brand’s 20V cordless range, with a 1-inch drive and enough power to hit 3,000 ft-lbs. of the nut cracking torque.

If you’ve decidedly switched to a 1-inch driveshaft, it’s because you need the strength to deal with hard-to-break bolts. With the Ingersoll Rand cordless impact wrench, you get 3,000 ft-lbs of nut break torque and 2,200 ft-lbs of tightening torque with both extended and regular anvil options.

That’s the performance you’d expect from a large air impact wrench. However, the IR W9491 and W9691 offer the freedom and mobility that comes from eliminating the air hose.

It has four power control modes and an integrated power control system. This provides an automatic shut off at around 180 and 400 ft-lbs. of the fastening torque to prevent over-tightening in the “Snug” and “Mid-Power” settings.

Ingersoll Rand 1

The other interesting design feature of the Ingersoll Rand 1-inch impact wrench revolves around the battery platform. The company uses two of its IQV20 (20V) batteries. This allows the tool to draw 40V (volts) to achieve those specific torque ratings while still providing enough runtime to tighten or loosen up to 250 screws per charge.

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Ingersoll Rand Impactool Impact Wrench

The batteries attach to the tool just in front of the rear handle, one on each side. This keeps the tool balanced and the batteries nestle fairly snugly against the side of the tool. This makes it seem less cumbersome to use.

The Ingersoll Rand 1″ Cordless Impact Wrench is available in two flavors. The W9491 offers a standard 1″ anvil while the W9691 offers a 6″ extended 1″ anvil.

Other properties

  • Up to 15% shorter set-up time compared to pneumatic tools
  • IP56 certified for use in harsher environments
  • Impact and chemical resistant composite case
  • Ergonomic D handle


The Ingersoll Rand 1-inch Cordless Impact Wrench line includes two tool-only options and two kit options. The bare tool options cost around $1,200. Both kit options retail for around $1,700. This includes four 20V 5.0Ah batteries and a dual bay charger.

Ingersoll Rand offers a 3-year tool and charger warranty and a 2-year battery replacement service.

model W9691 W9691-K4E W9491 W9491-K4E
article Naked tool Tool, 4 batteries and dual bay charger Naked tool Tool, 4 batteries and dual bay charger
drive size 1 in. 1 in. 1 in. 1 in.
voltage 2 x 20V 2 x 20V 2 x 20V 2 x 20V
fasteners per load 250 250 250 250
Torque to blast nut 3,000 Ft-lbs 3,000 Ft-lbs 2,600 ft-lbs 2,600 ft-lbs
Torque to blast nut 4067Nm 4067Nm 3525Nm 3525Nm
Full Forward Torque 2,200 ft-lbs 2,200 ft-lbs 2,200 ft-lbs 2,200 ft-lbs
Full Forward Torque 2982 newton meters 2982 newton meters 2982 newton meters 2982 newton meters
rotational speed 890 890 890 890
weight 29.1 pounds 25.9 pounds 24.3 pounds 27.5 pounds
length 26.1 inches 26.1 inches 20.1 inches 20.1 inches
Broad 6.9 inches 6.9 inches 6.9 inches 6.9 inches
warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
Price ~$1,200 ~$1,700 ~$1,200 ~$1,700

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