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Why isn’t my car air conditioner cold?

Thanks to the invention of air conditioners for cars, car owners remain comfortable while driving even on hot days. However, ACs are also prone to malfunction. Lucky for you, we have all the answers in case you’re wondering, “Why isn’t my car air conditioner cold?”

The reasons

There are six common problems associated with a faulty car air conditioner. Watch out for the following issues:

The AC system is leaking freon

Corresponding AutoAid, Freon is a specific type of refrigerant that can make warm air cool for cars. Of course, if the air conditioner loses a significant amount of this chemical liquid, there is no longer any change in the temperature of the warm air.

The causes of freon leaks are:

  • broken hose
  • detached seal
  • disconnected connection

However, you can only determine the cause by removing the AC from its location. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Prepare a screwdriver, water hose, spray nozzle and sealant.
  2. After removing the AC, place it on a hard surface such as concrete or wood.
  3. Remove the air conditioner cover with a screwdriver.
  4. Connect the water hose and spray nozzle to completely remove dirt, grime and debris from the air conditioner.
  5. Take off the filters to find the compressor.
  6. Inspect the compressor area to locate the leak.
  7. Apply the sealant to the specific location of the leak, following the product’s instructions.
  8. Reinstall the cover before reinstalling the air conditioner.
  9. Turn on the air conditioner to see if you solved the problem.

If the AC still acts, repeat. If it still doesn’t work, hire a professional technician.

The amount of freon is small

Leaks aren’t the only reason AC systems run out of freon. Sometimes it’s all about constant use over the years.

And that’s okay!

All you have to do is charge the air conditioner. If the cause is not a leak, consider the following steps:

  1. Prepare this… Prepare right kind of AC dispenserMeat thermometer, refrigerant (observe the prescribed amount of the car), protective goggles and protective gloves.
  2. Locate the low pressure fitting with the “L” symbol above, which is typically located on the passenger side of the engine compartment.
  3. Securely connect the charging hose to the connector by waiting for this audible click.
  4. Start your car and activate the air conditioning to its maximum settings.
  5. Watch the pressure gauge to make sure the A/C is actually underloaded (below 40 psi).
  6. Connect refrigerant canister and charging hose.
  7. Hold the can upright.
  8. Add refrigerant by depressing the trigger for up to 10 seconds or until the gauge reads 40psi.
  9. Insert the meat thermometer into the air conditioning vents near the steering wheel.
  10. Check the thermometer when it reads 28 degrees.
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If you see more than 40psi on the gauge the first time, do not troubleshoot this problem yourself. This is a serious problem that requires professional repair.

The mixed air flap is blocked

The first two problems are complicated, don’t you think? Glad the next one is easy enough.

What exactly is the purpose of the mixed air damper? Simple: it closes the ventilation system to block warm air.

To fix this problem, simply grab and adjust the mix air damper. The only challenge is the location. It is located deep behind the dashboard.

The compressor does not work

As the name suggests, the compressor’s job is to compress freon to allow maximum expansion later for a much colder temperature.

Try this Process behind the repair of the compressor in short.

  1. Drain the system to completely remove the refrigerant.
  2. Take off the compressor.
  3. After making sure the entire AC system is free of dirt, leaks, and other problems, attach the new compressor.
  4. Install new throttle body and O-rings.
  5. Charge the system with fresh refrigerant.

The condenser is clogged or damaged

To minimize the periodic topping up of the AC system with freon, there is a condenser that converts refrigerant gases back to liquid. Unfortunately, freon liquid cannot flow through it if it is blocked by impurities or has a broken shape.

To be honest, replacing the damaged capacitor with a new one is quite complicated. It’s best to leave this to the professionals.

There are electrical problems in the AC system

A common electrical problem in ACs is a blown fuse. This is no problem for do-it-yourselfers when it comes to electronics.

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However, there are safety risks with other types of electrical repairs in your car. Stop being a hero and get it fixed by a certified mechanic.

How to maintain the car air conditioner

To avoid dealing with a broken air conditioner, try your best to take good care of it, even if it’s still working perfectly. Don’t worry; Car air conditioner maintenance is pretty easy. Check out these!

Turn on the air conditioning, even if it’s already too cold

Common mistakes made by car owners usually happen during the winter season. One of them does not use the air conditioner for several weeks simply because it is unnecessary.

Based on maintenance tips from Medlock golf, it is important to run the air conditioner for at least 10 minutes every week. Set the highest settings for best results. You should also activate defrosting for at least five minutes every week.

What happens when you do this?

They can also maintain the compressor and gas pressure. Both are essential to the AC system.

Have your car treated by professionals every two years

You know what they say in the medical world, a second opinion is valuable. The same idea applies to cars. Even if you’re a good handyman or mechanic, you should still have your entire car inspected by the professionals from time to time.

Of course, this also includes the air conditioning.

A two-year interval isn’t that bad for your budget and time. That’s just a small price for the best version of your car.

Clean the filter

Car AC filter maintenance is not rocket science. Just take it out of the glove box and shake it to get rid of dust, dirt and debris. You can also wash it with soapy water.

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Also, do not hesitate to replace the filter when it is already worn out.

Examine the grilles near the windshield

What does this have to do with car air conditioning maintenance?

It turns out that the outer grilles can catch leaves and other larger debris. This leads to the possibility of an AC system sucking in any object that gets into the grills.

Speaking of dirt, you can also use a hose to clean the condenser. You should open the hood first.


If you’re wondering, “why isn’t my air conditioner cold?” remember to check for leaks, the amount of freon, the mix damper, the compressor, the condenser, and the electrical wiring. Despite all the repair methods we’ve discussed, we still think you should hire a professional to do it. Freon is a toxic liquid that requires careful handling.

Even more important than cool air is the quality itself. To improve air quality in your car, learn how often to change cabin air filters. You should also buy a quality air freshener.

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